LED Display frames

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Choose The Best LED Display frames for your business.

LED display frames can preserve photos or images for many years. Various components are used in making such frames, such as batteries, resistors, transparent sheets, battery boxes, breadboards, and PCB matrices. These electronic components create a special effect.

We offer LED light boxes that are easy to install and appear illuminated. There is an even dispersion of light throughout the frame thus making the pictures look even brighter and eliminating any no dark spots visible either. In some cases, the led frames even have ultra-thin profiles. All these are in an effort to make the pictures in the frame look dynamic.


Most frequent questions and answers

No We usually dont stock any ready made size of name plates, We do, however, have tooling for hundreds of shapes and can laser cut any custom shape and design of your choice.

Yes, ACP Nameplates can serve to be a better option for outdoor when well maintained, they are easy to install and are prone to tough weather conditions.



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