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Choose The Best Brass Etching Plate for your business.

Brass name plates add charm to your place and stand fancy at any site. High-Quality MRF paints are used with the intention of not compromising on the quality. Their polished surfaces allow for an etched plate of elegance which adds a luxurious touch.

Brass Nameplates have a base material of brass that is etched based on an intaglio printmaking process. In this process, specific areas are incised using acid on a metal plate in order to hold the ink. This method is also customizable as the nameplates can be made from materials such as brass, SS, Zinc and Copper.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes in Dharshan Adss we provide customised brass name plates of your required choice. We can do any type of customisation provided with a reference varying from engraving , grooving polishing etc to your requirement.

Brass Nameplate can been done in 2 variants one is polished and the other is matte surface

In Dharshan Adss we create quality brass name plates with customisation of your choice that are ready to adorn your door walls on the front


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