Neon Signboard

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Choose The Best Neon Signboard for your business.

The Neon sign board is one of the most popular and attractive media of advertisement widely used by industrial and commercial firms to popularise their products among the general public. Now a Day Neon like LED strips have replaced the way the signages are made in the market.

Manufacturing neon signs is largely a manual process. It consists of bending the tubing and attaching the electrodes, removing any impurities from within the tubing, then evacuating the air and adding the gas. The following process is typical.


Most frequent questions and answers

They both make light, but the way they’re processed gives each its own unique visual flavor. The most obvious difference is that neon signs use real glass tubing.

On the flip-side, LED signs are created using strips of light emitting diodes which, when strung together, give the illusion of a neon-like effect.

Faux neon (or fake neon) uses low voltage LEDs to create the appearance of neon lighting with this comes a hold load of benefits. Unlike traditional neon, faux neon can be produced in almost any shape, and can include colour changing patterns.


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