Titanium Letters

Titanium Letters

Choose The Best Titanium Letters for your busines.

Titanium is a unique metal since it is naturally corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice for outdoor signs especially if they are exposed to salt water. These include environments such as beach resorts, toilets & car wash areas.

It’s no secret that titanium has also long been used in the jewellery industry. This is due to its lightweight, beautiful shine, and lack of reaction when compared with other metals. Furthermore, titanium is non-magnetic, rust-resistant, and can handle all kinds of temperatures.

Additionally, titanium is preferred by many as it requires less maintenance than stainless steel, and is extremely eye-catching when used in sign boards with effective lighting.

At Darshan adss, titanium letters are made from premium quality materials and are only sourced from reliable dealers and buyers. We also offer a wide variety of Titanium letter signs, including 3D Titanium brass letters which increases your brand’s style quotient at every level


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can edit every single element.

Yes, these files are fully layered.

Click on the mask and click “B” for brush tool.

You will need Photoshop preferably version CS6 and newer.


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