Choose The Best Lip Type LED for your business.

The 3D Lip-type LED signage has an acrylic inner cup lined with LED, which is covered by a bezel-like outer shell. This adds more value to your business establishment. As the sign will have a stunning look of a stroke added to its design.

The Lip type LED letters functions effectively throughout the day. This is due to the combination of both Acrylic and metal beading, which gives a touch of elegance when not lit during the daytime. Whereas at night you can witness the glowing LED portion, providing a modern aesthetic.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can have look at any one of the bata showrooms nearby, they are the ones who commonly have used these lip-type letters and had been a reason for its inception. To get a quality lip-type letter in and around Chennai you may also reach out to Dharshan adss, Triplicane

Yes, you can use a custom font for your LED letters and we would need the corresponding font file to be mailed to us in a .ttf (True Type format).

The Basic idea is that you can read a 2” letter from a distance of 10-15 feet away and you need to add 1” for every 20 feet distance away. In order to avoid confusion, you may reach us at +91 99400 42606 and request a site visit, to suggest the same.


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