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Choose The Best Solvent and Eco - solvet Printing for your busines.

Solvent Ink Printing

Generally, solvent ink printers use coated plastic substrates like flex banners and vinyl to reproduce images. In the process, the solvent bites into the surface of the media, depositing pigment simultaneously.

The following is what happens when pigment-based solvent inks are applied to a media.

  1. The solvent partially dissolves the top layer to dissolve the vinyl (plastic substrate).
  2. CMY or K Coloured pigments are deposited simultaneously in this ‘bite’.
  3. Ink bonds the pigments to the surface of media with resin present in it.
  4. The solvent immediately evaporates. This evaporation is further accelerated by a heater fixed on the printing machine.
  5. The dot of colour remains in the form of the pigment particle, stuck to the media by the resin.

Solvent ink is resistant to water and sunlight. The ink is also resistant to scratches and daily wear and tear due to the strong bond created by raising between the colours and the base media.

Eco Solvent Ink Printing

This inking process still uses solvents as carriers.

This process is similar to that of solvent ink printing. However, the solvent’s chemical formulation had improved significantly. This makes it a much milder and more eco-friendly alternative.


Most frequent questions and answers

Solvent and Eco Solvent are the most common and preferred digital printing ink techs when it comes to flex and vinyl printing.

Eco Solvent is an ink base which is ecologically safe and are used for indoor applications. Normally solvent ink are harsh and are associated with definite odor i.e. Smell making them less likely to be used indoor. Eco Solvent isnt harmful and it is bio-Degradable

UV ink printers do not have any heaters. This is because the inks do not evaporate in the traditional sense of the word. They get cured by being exposed to UV rays. UV inks are environmentally friendly.UV inks are odourless and can be used for indoor as well as outdoor locations.


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