Choose The Best Trimcap LED Letters for your business.

Trimcap LED letters, provide a unique attraction to the signage. This is achieved by placing the trim cap on the edges of the base letter. This classic look is eye-catchy and appeals to a very large demographic.

This trim cap also serves as protection from fungal settlement and helps in securing the sign from rain & other damages. The Acrylic Trim cap LED letters are easy to customise and are available in any font of your choice.


Most frequent questions and answers

In trimless the translucent acrylic is placed as an extension either in the front or at the back as a halo but in trim cap the acrylic material is placed as an enclosure of the trim cap border.

The letters have Hi-intensity marked LED for the consistent glow which is highly durable and is available in any shape, size and colour. They are corrosion-free and waterproof.


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