Choose The Best Trimless LED for your business.

Trimless LED letters signage provides a modern & futuristic aesthetic. This style is attained by making the translucent white acrylic, extend beyond the metal’s edge. This extension creates a brilliant glowing effect that gets your sign noticed.

There are two options for trimless LED letters. One is face-lit where acrylic is placed in the front LED and the other is back halo-lit, where the LED is placed behind the acrylic. This bezel-less beauty is one of the most preferred LED signs as it suits many places and environments, these are especially popular in malls.


Most frequent questions and answers

With precise computer-generated drill patterns, holes are marked on the surface and are mounted with no room for errors.

Trimless LED signages are predominately used for outdoor purposes, but it is also preferred for many indoor regions under special purposes. Most of the mall signages are trimless and are placed indoors.

Compared to foam aluminium and GI letters are more reliable and long-lasting and are preferred for a longer lifespan. Foam letters are less reliable and when exposed to extreme heat and outdoor temperatures they are prone to get damaged.


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